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Audio Clip From Call 1 
Clip From Call 1 - Georgia Watson

Class Description:

Who would you be, and how strong would you be in the world if you were no longer subject to manipulation, bullying, and abuse?​

How would you hold yourself in the world? How would other people hold you in their world? Would people even have a hold on you or contain you in any way?​ 


What if you could be everything you are with no force, no effort, no strain, and no guilt? And what if being everything you are is the way to dominate the world with total ease and elegance?

What's Included:

3 MP3 Audio Class Recordings 

  • Call 1: 1 hour & 24mins

  • Call 2: 1 hour & 17mins

  • Call 3: 1 hour & 15mins

Purchase Recordings

Purchase Information:

  • Purchases are charged in USD & some credit cards may charge a fee for international purchases. 

  • Gumroad is the processor I use for receiving online payments. 
    It is reputable & safe. 

  • Audio files will be emailed to you


3 Part ZOOM!
  • Video recordings of each call

  • Audio recordings of each call

  • PDF & Recording of Clearings


Email to get the video & audio replays. 

Class Description:


Have you ever felt powerless to choose something, because you just didn't have the money for it?


In this reality, the money you're willing to have is one of the things which creates power.


In truth, you are the power. You are the one who has infinite possibilities at their fingertips. You are the one who has the power of the universe at their beckoning. 


When you're willing to dominate this reality, you are no longer the effect of its limitations. 


With this call series what we're looking to do is get you to the place where you're willing to use everything that is the power of this reality (including money) to aid you in the creation of your reality beyond it.


When you're willing to use the power of money for you, the ability to create with this reality and beyond it becomes just a choice away.


Would you be willing to have the money required to dominate the world with the possibilities of a greater planet?


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