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Auto Pilot or Freedom? The Key To Taking Next Steps That Are Truly Yours

There have been so many times where I have chosen things based on what seemed like the next logical step. So, so, so, so many times!

Is that true freedom though, or are we checking in with social, familial, and other external norms more than we realize?

The inner dialogue can sound something like this,

"Hmm... should I do this?"

"Is this best choice?"

"I guess this is supposed to be what I do next."

In business, relationships, communication, sex, food, gosh all sorts of ares! There sure are a lot of 'supposed tos'.

These are all versions of checking in with external guidance: what’s right, what’s normal, and what’s acceptable. Should we trust all of that or can we break the pattern and begin to trust ourselves?

What's possible beyond autopilot?

The first step is to acknowledge that predetermined ideas of what we should be or do are bogus! Nobody knows better than you about what works for you. Unless you are happy with fitting in, keeping a low profile, not stirring up trouble, and living for what others desire of you.

For me, that's never been fulfilling. I couldn't be normal! ...And it wasn't for lack of trying.

The first step is acknowledging that normal is not the ideal you are striving for, then it's time to get to work!

On what?

On letting go of any and all definitions of you, of others, of business, of your partner, your animal, money... you can see where this is going... of everything.

Definitions are limitations.

They set perimeters for who and what you can be and if you're anything like me, having every option available is much more enticing that having one or two.

If you've heard of Access Consciousness™, then chances are you are familiar with the clearing statement. If not, you can read all about it here (and watch videos too!)

This is where I get the magic wand (the clearing statement) out and USE it!

All the definitions I have, destroy and uncreate them all. Pod and Poc.

And then the fun part begins. You can take the lead and choose something, literally anything in your life that you would like fewer limitations with and tackle it.

Let's take money: All the definitions you have about money... will you destroy and uncreate them all? Pod and Poc.

Next, let's get personal! All the definitions you have of you with regards to money... will you destroy and uncreate all that? Pod and Poc

You can use this formula to create clearings that apply to you, are for you, and contribute to you. About what YOU would like to change.

That's one of the things that I love about the tools of Access Consciousness™. You can use a tool and shape it for what's up in your world.

My target is more freedom. Freedom to live life my own way, not from having to fit it and not from having to resist the norms either. To find out what truly is my way...

And this tool of clearing and getting rid of definitions has been the most dynamic way I have found so far to open up new possibilities where I was sure there were none.

Try it or don't try it. Up to you!

One thing I know is that many of us forget to include ourselves in our choices throughout the day. The autopilot kicks in. It gets us from point A to point B, but that's it. Following what someone else knows or decides is never going to result in the greatness you know is possible.

What would your way be if you had no definitions?

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