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The Dominatrix's Guide To Creation

I’m a big fan of nurturing your creations into the world. And nothing in my world is predictable.

This week the possibility showed up to interview world-class dominatrix, Georgia Watson (right after she came out publicly). We did the interview within 24 hours and I’m SO glad we took action that fast - that conversation has been changing my world dynamically!

Georgia and I talked about using ALL energies to create, including domination! What if being dominant in the world is not what you imagine? What if it is nothing to do with force, aggression or suppression, and everything to do with having total control, embracing all energies and possibilities and inviting each person you meet to be the best they can be at what they are (even if that means they are great at submitting to your requests!)

This was one of the most intriguing interviews I’ve done so far for the Adventurous Creator Podcast and if you’re interested in using ALL of your brilliances to create with, it’s definitely worth a listen!

Imagine never allowing anyone or anything to stop you. What would you create if you were no longer at the effect of manipulation, abuse, bullying or intimidation?

And just for fun… if you are wondering how you would use the energies of domination to create, ask yourself “What am I not willing to ask or demand of others?”

Are these also the areas where you aren’t willing to have your reality, to dominate for the creation of a greater world?

Domination is an energy I haven’t always been willing to be… and yet, I’m aware that it could create so much more in my world. Georgia is one of the gentlest, kindest, most creative people I know… and when I see her use of these tools I’m so inspired to turn up this energy!

Invite your creations to be all loved up by this very surprising interview on the Adventurous Creator Podcast Listen Here or: Listen via iTunes. | Listen via Soundcloud.

About The Author

Lisa Murray is a creation catalyst who helps multi-creative entrepreneurs create their ideas in nurturing, playful, unexpected ways. She’s a word alchemist. A nurturer of possibilities (and people!). A lover of ideas. An unconventional business coach. An irreverent creator of new realities.

Her best-selling book 'Stop Waiting, Start Creating' launched in 2016 and her second book ‘Creating Beyond Burnout’ will be available in November 2016. Lisa is the founder of Creativity Lab, has an MBA in Entrepreneurship & Leadership, and is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator.

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