3 Underrated Creative Energies of the Universe

How I see it, there are 3 virtually untapped creative elements out there just waiting to make your life more wonderful. You get to decide what that wonderful is for you. It could be a fancy car, more you time, an easier life, more money, more happiness, literally anything goes. You're the boss!

If you use these 3 creative elements, your life is bound to see some changes. Are you ready?

First, have gratitude.

This is not the same as counting your blessings, or forcing yourself to be grateful for the parts of your life you don't like. It's actually easier! Thank goodness!

Here is how I have gratitude. I let my heart open up and without words I express my appreciation, my joy, my gratefulness for someone or something in my life as if I were having a psychic conversation with them. I don't know if you are familiar with psychic conversations, but they are WAY easier than verbal ones. You're in charge of the content, the flow, and if you move on to something else... SQUIRL... then no harm no foul. You can slide from person, to thing, to situation, to maybe frustration for a moment, and then back to whatever your grateful for next. There are no rules. Remember these are energies to play with and there are no rules.

The more that tingly, flowing, sweet, and desirous energy of gratitude emanates from your beyond perfect heart, the more creation you are adding to your life. Call me crazy, but if you it try it and you feel the thang, I'd love to hear about what unfolds for you. Let that gratefulness surround you and reach out to anything and everything around you. Let it touch all without making any of it more important than anything else. Let it all be included in your festival of creation!

Next, it's naughty! Sexualness.

It's the creative element that drives conception, yes of babies, but also conceptions of ideas into flowering, actualized creations. It's SO underutilized but adding a seductive or sexual element to business, relationship, your body, virtually anything will light that thing up! You know...turn it on. And you! And it can stat with your toes. Just feeling your toes and what they are touching right now it a wonderful place to begin. Feel the way your toes so seamlessly connect with the arches of your feet and on up around your heels. And if you painted an invisible line up the back of your legs... where does that lead? Where else could that lead? Where else might you paint with your magical invisible paintbrush? This might not be the most comfortable exercise, but what if playing with this energy gave you the upper hand over almost everybody else? There are so few people out there willing to indulge pleasure, sexualness, and those little whispers of your body on you can hear.

I would like to take a moment to talk about the difference between sexuality and sexualness. Sexuality has judgement. It is result oriented. It often has a little force or proving attached too. Sexualness is not about what others see or how anyone sees you. It's that tingle of excitement. It's the energy that inspires. Sometimes it's hard to think and feels out of control and sometimes it is subtle and you can feel it in public where no one else knows. There might be a little wetness involved, but there is no need to push it or take it anywhere. The sexualness is self-perpetuating and needs no external stimulation. Are you ready to ask it to turn on? Ask your body. It knows. Body, will you show me sexualness. Will you show me that energy?

Bringing this energy into your life is a secret weapon for success in any area. This is not about entering the boardroom with a short skirt. This is about having the little tingles and whispers of pleasure to add something special to everything (and everyone) you touch whether they know it or not. This is for you and for fun and no one has to know that there might be just the tiniest bit of wetness that accompanies you wherever you go.

And the third, choice.

This is the most underrated of all. Probably least understood and least appreciated too! Let's give it some love and let it know that it matters too. And it more than matters. It is the creative element that can change a light bulb, cut hair, drive cars, get you to the gym, and doing your laundry. It's the magic weapon for obliterating competition, and out creating yourself too.

Part of what makes this tool seem so strange is that it doesn't feel like anything, Gratitude and sexualness can have a sort of feeling or sensation, but choice, choice just is. Choice is staying on the couch and watching another episode. Choice is getting up and going somewhere.

One mistake people make with choice is they wait for inspiration. Choice needs no inspiration. You have it at all times, it's what you do with it that changes the outcomes of your life dynamically. Another mistake people make with choice is trying to choose the right choice. That's too hard!! And it also does not work. Sad but true. Sigh. Instead of choosing what would be the right choice, try choosing the wring choice and see what that creates! Or, even better, choose something

Here is a little bonus. It's the 3 things no one can argue with. Coming soon!

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