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Class Description:

Who would you be, and how strong would you be in the world if you were no longer subject to manipulation, bullying, and abuse?​

How would you hold yourself in the world? How would other people hold you in their world? Would people even have a hold on you or contain you in any way?​ 


What if you could be everything you are with no force, no effort, no strain, and no guilt? And what if being everything you are is the way to dominate the world with total ease and elegance?

New Class

What's Included:

  • 3 Zoom Calls: Sept 25th, 26th, & 27th

      2pm- 3pm US Central time

      (Find your time here)

      Local call-in numbers available

  • Audio and Video recordings of each call sent out 

Register & Pay

* Purchases are run in USD & certain credit cards may charge a fee for international purchases. 

* "Gumroad" is the processor I use for receiving online payments. It is considered reputable & safe. 

Clip From Series 1 
Clip From Call 1 - Georgia Watson
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